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Big Bang and the Bible

Big Bang and the Bible: Summary

Big Bang and the Bible: Introduction

Theory concerning Carbon 14 and the Big Bang

Why only little Quantities Antimatter?

Big Bang and 6 Days Theory Compatible

Astrophysics: Stars Dating Billions of Years?

Teleportation Exists. Consequences.

Big Bang and the Bible - Introduction: What about the Creation of the World/Universe?

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Note: Jesus in a private message in the French web site Théorie de l'Evolution advises that the theories of evolution and big bang have no facts proofed in the reality. Thus, even if I try to make compatible Big Bang and the Bible, I use also only theories with no proofs of coherency with reality and that also may be false. However, the reasoning is interessant and it is at same level of the false theory of evolution and the non proofed theory of the Big Bang. Consider rather it as a speculatif attempt to make compatible the 6 days recite with the Big Bang (behalfe the dates and the 4th day).

What to say about the book of Genesis concerning the creation of the world? I'm convinced that's true, given the declarations of Jesus and Mary concerning mankind: They said, during their private apparitions, that the first man was Adam, created by God, around 6000 years ago. We have also seen (please refer to the link Arguments Against Evolutionism) that scientific dating is a non proofed subject and can be one more "tale", despite the rigor of the scientific methods... dating criteria can change differently during the 6 days and the remaining 6.000 years of time... We have also seen that the million years "story", where a very complex living being changes of specie little by little, through mutations but without divine intervention, is another "tale" (please refer to the link Arguments Against Evolutionism, specially the argument of the mutant microbes) ... we have also seen that is possible for God to create Adam from the clay of the ground... which means reality is sometimes very complex and hard to believe, includes miracles (or similar phenomena) and is not necessarily "natural", "logical" and "easy to believe" as evolutionists (and as Muslims for this purpose) do believe... (please refer to the link Arguments Against Islam to see how an easy, logical reasoning can not necessarily be true...)

Do not be afraid to believe the 6 days recite: we can proof the evolutionism theory is full of imprecisions/errors... I'll present here a theory concerning old dating, just to show how falacious current scientifical theories can be over this subject... however, the book of Genesis states clearly that the earth and the heavens, empty of stars, existed before the first day, thus, before 6.000 years ago... other possibility, is that the term 'day' refers to a (long) period of time, and not '24 literal hours', but this possibility is less probable, because Adam was created by God about 6.000 years ago, said Jesus, and the book of Genesis says it was during the sixth day...

Theory concerning Carbon 14 and the Big Bang

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I think that the theory of the Big Bang and the theory of the creation in 6 days of the Bible may be compatible, behalf what concerns dating, if dates are taken literally. Even so, we can explain the mismatch of dates (which indeed happens in what concerns mankind and hominids). Indeed, it seems that God created the Universe as said by the scientists who defend the Big Bang theory, only dating doesn't match. According to this theory, God would have used a big explosion to create the universe (behalf the earth which was already created...). For the creation of the biological world, God would have used the radioactive element Carbon 14, which mutates quickly in another elements or compounds and would be easily converted by God into Carbon 12, Nitrogen 14 or Oxygen 16 (the most important organic elements, apart Hydrogen). It would have been thus a lot of radioactivity activity towards Carbon 14 in the first 6 days of the creation, in order to create the organic world. So, we would expect the curb of Carbon 14 with time to be like an exponential decay function, even when compared with normal Carbon (12), like the following picture represents:

theory of Carbon 14 during the 6 days of the Creation

Thus, the curb of Carbon 14 would not be a constant or a "straight line" style one (relatively to normal Carbon 12, for instance), but a strong change of the Carbon 14 quantities would have place during the first 6 days of creation, making thus Carbon 14 datings wrong, in what concerns the creation process itself: instead of hundreds of thousands or millions of years, the Creation would only take a lot less time, even 6 x 24 hours days: because to God, everything is possible, please don't forget it...

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Note: even if the science considers that after the death of a living being, the curb of Carbon 14 is actually also a decay exponential, the idea remains the same: during the 6 days of the creation, the quantity of Carbon 14 would have been a lot bigger than actually expected by present science, due to the use God made of the Carbon 14 in order to convert it in organic matter of the earth...

Note2: actually the science considers that the ratio Carbon 14/Carbon 12 is constant up to 50.000 years ago, but it considers also that some changes took place about 5700 years ago... What I think is that, yes, strong changes took place about 6000 years ago (the period of the 6 days creation). And, as it was said before, in the beginning of the creation of life, about 6000 years ago, the ratio Carbon 14/Carbon 12 should not be constant, but it would have changed a lot, which makes all datings before 6000 years ago completely invalid...

Why there's only small Quantities of Antimatter in the Universe?

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Concerning the small quantities of antimatter found in the universe, I think they would be the rests of the nuclear activity God used to transform the radioactive elements into other more stable elements (e.g., rests from decomposition of neutrons, and activities of the style...). So, no antimatter hidden universe to be expected... please note that matter to become stable, according to the science, shall be in constant movement… seeming that E = mc2... implying thus the universe in constant expansion(movement)… the matter/antimatter method, E= matter + antimatter, doesn’t give stability and may even be dangerous: permanent risk of collision of matter with the corresponding antimatter, desintegrating back into energy...

Making Big Bang and the Theory of the 6 days Compatible

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The Big Bang and the theory of the 6 days can be compatible. Indeed, the chronological sequence mentioned in both theories is almost the same.

The first day, God created the light (the sky and the earth were already created...). The second day, God created the atmosphere. The third day, God separated the dry land from the seas, and created the plants.

Concerning the fourth day:

Gen 1,14-19:

"14 Then God said: "Let there be lights in the dome of the sky, to separate day from night. Let them mark the fixed times, the days and the years,
15 and serve as luminaries in the dome of the sky, to shed light upon the earth." And so it happened:
16 God made the two great lights, the greater one to govern the day, and the lesser one to govern the night; and he made the stars.
17 God set them in the dome of the sky, to shed light upon the earth,
18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. God saw how good it was.
19 Evening came, and morning followed - the fourth day"

Reading this text, we may conclude that God created the sun, the moon and the stars during the 4 day, which contradicts the Theory of the Big Bang, which says the stars were created before the plants and even the earth. What has happened then? Simply remember that scientifical dating, Carbon 14 and others, is fallacious and not accurate, in what concerns the far past... if God decided to create the stars and the moon, after the earth and even after the plants, what is the problem? A mistake in the scientific dating accuracy? If they're wrong, they have to correct their mistakes and point. Please consider also that maybe God used other temporary, and thus, radioactif elements, to create the universe (outside the earth, which already existed...), giving those elements similar dating mistakes as the Carbon 14 for the biologic universe... please take also into account the following topic: matter can travel at speeds largely higher than the speed of the light...

The sequence of the remaining days offers no difficulties. God created all kind the animals, and finally God created the man, but this time through a wonder-like procedure from the clay of the ground...

For all other details concerning datings, arguments against (and some truths of) the evolutionism, origin of races, Adam, the hominids, please refer to the link Arguments Against Evolutionism

Astrophysics and Dating: Stars Dating 14 Billions of Years?

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The distance of the farthest galaxies is a non proofed subject, like the "million of years" time. In the same way that we can not go back in time 1 million of years to see what happened at that moment, the same goes for the far distances: even if the calculus are quite logical, scientific and rigorous, we cannot measure those distances with a metric tape, which is the only way to measure the related coherence with reality, indispensable to proof the truthfullness of a fact...

According to the book of Genesis, the universe was created only at the fourth day, but the earth and the skies existed already before the first day... assuming the speed of the light as constant and that the Big Bang occurred thus about 6000 years ago, the farthest point of the farthest galaxy should be now 6000 years light far... but the science says the limits of the visible universe are currently 14 billion years light far, meaning, thus, following this logic, that the Big Bang should be created 14 billion years ago... the real distance is non proofed, but we're going to consider the 14 billion years light as true...

Concerning the present scientific explanations over the Big Bang and the size of the universe, please refer to the link Big Bang

Teleportation Exists. Consequences.

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According to the declarations of Our Lady and Jesus in New York, they live in paradise, which is located just at a short distance from the farthest star of the Universe. Please refer to: locating Heaven in the Universe . These declarations have several strong consequences in the astrophysics domain:

  • the volume of the universe seems to be infinite, if the universe is expanding
  • the (mass of the) universe is finite, even if the universe is expanding
  • teleportation exists, because Jesus and Our Lady travel from the borders of the universe to the earth instantaneously. That means that it is possible to travel quicker than the speed of the light (teoretically constant near the earth at 300.000 km/s)

The formula God used to create the universe, converting energy into matter, seems to be of the type E=mc2, confirming and implying thus that the universe is continuously in expansion in order to exist. We discard, thus, the static alternative E = matter + antimatter, behalf some small rests, resulting from the nuclear procedures of converting radioactive unstable elements in more stable elements... the volume of the universe seems to be infinite, in order to contain forever the always growing mass of a finite universe... the universe has to be finite because heaven exists after the physical limits of the universe, in the (theoretical) infinite space/volume...

Because Our Lady and Jesus don't lie, teleportation exists: it is possible to travel enormous distances instantaneously: there's thus no speed limit in the universe... if Our Lady can travel at an theoretical infinite speed, it is also possible for the universe to expand quicker than the theoretical constant speed of light. This have as consequences that the distance of 14 billions light of the farthest visible star doesn't imply necessarily the creation of the universe 14 billions years ago, but could be created long time later, e.g., 6000 years ago, behalf the earth...

The logical reasoning used by science is

distance = speed of light x time.

But the speed of light has not to remain constant in the farthest parts of the universe neither in the ancient past. The result of 14 billions years time is obtained because we set a dogma: speed of light has to remain always constant at 300.000 km/s. This dogma doesn't have to be always true; instead it seems to be true near the earth and in the recent past...

The most probable is that the galaxies were separated by God through a teleportation procedure (or a miracle), traveling the stars during the 4th day at enormously high, almost infinite, speeds. Afterwards, the galaxies started decreasing their travel speed gradually, or even suddenly, to the values of the speed of the light, continuing expanding at this speed until today...


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