Better to be vigilant

Even if nothing happens soon, it is always better to:

  • remain vigilant,
  • in state of grace,
  • according to the commandments of God,
  • to be humble,

and if possible,

  • doing penance,
  • fast,
  • charity
  • and prayer (rosaries)

in order to be in safety and to avoid bad surprises...

Our Lady is appearing in Medjugorje, Bosnia

She gives monthly messages and good advices in Medjugorje, such as Those Who Fast* and Pray (in secret), Don't Fear the Neither Future Neither the Evil . Protections against Evil to find in the links Masons, Death* and Apocalypse

Examples of Public Permanent Miracles

The Incorruptible Corpses of the Saints and the Holy Blood give legitimity to Traditional Christianism.

Automatic Salvation through the Divine Mercy

Jesus, I trust in You

To be Saved, it Suffices to Honor Jesus, Through This Picture, With Full Trust. God promised it to Saint Faustina.

This picture shows the real face of Jesus. And why? Because He appeared to Saint Faustina, through a private apparition in Poland, around 1930, and He asked her to draw His portrait. The result is this picture. Because it is very well drawn, it shall be very close to the real Jesus.

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Please note that Jesus keeps appearing and making promises concerning His Divine Mercy, e.g.

the Prayer asking Jesus for the Divine Mercy for the Whole Humanity
(since this last prayer is only accepted from a very humble person, please pray it, asking the mercy for the whole humanity, through the intercession of all saints from heaven, in order to increase your chances to succeed).
For Every Soul you Dedicate to His Divine Mercy, Jesus Will Save a Hundred More

Image gives Access Only to Purgatory

Please note that, however, when a person is saved by God through this picture, he/she may not enter immediately to paradise, after the death, but most probably, to an intermediate place, outside hell, e.g., the purgatory. To enter immediately to the paradise, after death, it is much more difficult. One possible way is to pray a rosary, in state of grace (after confession of sins and the little penance), in family, church or in community, with the rejection of all sins. In this way, and only at that moment only, the person has the pardon of all the temporal punishment from purgatory. But because we're sinners, and we sin constantly, this procedure has to be continually performed in order to clean the purgatory punishments... (see also the link: How to Pray the Rosary)

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Present Daily Messages of God to Maria Divine Mercy
Prepare yourself to His 2nd Coming

Messages to the World from Heaven: The Directives from Heaven

The Key of Success is to Help the Others, with Love and Sacrifice, in a Christian Way. (based on St Jose Maria Escrivá, Founder of the OPUS DEI).

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